Oral Health: Charity for Change

Our goal is to prevent oral cancer by increasing oral health awareness. Our team organizes oral health awareness camps for underserved communities globally. Free dental care, medicines and counseling is provided during these camps

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Charity for Oral Health

Our Engagement

The increasing use of Gutka (a kind of chewing tobacco), Paan (betel leaf combined with tobacco, areca nut and other ingredients), cigarettes and a lack of oral hygiene awareness have led to an alarming condition of increasing oral disease including mouth cancers. This condition worsens in under-developed areas due to poverty and illiteracy. Our mouth is the entry way of disease but oral health is given least importance due to lack of awareness and education, a lack of qualified dentists and due to the cost of dental treatment (which is considered to be expensive).

Our Initiative

Considering the current situation, our team decided it is high time that someone should step forward and start working for this neglected cause. For this purpose, Raise For A Smile is establishing a Mobile Dental Unit. This unit is well equipped with all facilities including four Dental Engines. Our team of volunteers arranges camps in different parts of Pakistan, especially the under-developed areas. In these camps, patients are provided free dental treatments, medicines and counseling.

Community Driven program

We operate community-driven initiatives focused on improving oral health by offering free dental screenings, oral hygiene education, and public awareness campaigns. These programs are executed at schools, corporations, residential communities, and large-scale events to reach as many people as possible and provide them with the knowledge and resources to maintain a healthy oral hygiene regimen.

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