Charity for Oral Health

The rise in usage of tobacco products like Gutka, Paan, and cigarettes, combined with poor oral hygiene awareness, is leading to an increase in oral diseases, including mouth cancers, particularly in under-developed areas. Poverty, illiteracy, a shortage of dentists, and high costs of dental treatment exacerbate the situation. In response to this, the team at Raise For A Smile is launching a Mobile Dental Unit, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, to provide free dental treatment and education in under-developed parts of Pakistan. The team also spreads awareness about oral hygiene practices, the dangers of chewing tobacco, and the role of nutrition in maintaining oral health, such as-

Methods of brushing the teeth

Importance of swishing after eating

Health hazards of chewing different kinds of tobaccos

Importance of nutrition in maintaining dental/oral health.

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